Promoting Independence For The Elderly

Published: 17th June 2010
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Home nursing services play a critical role in supporting older people to remain independent in their own home. In Melbourne Nursing Services have an important role in assisting families with the care of elderly relatives? Melbourne Nursing Services are available in both the public sector and the private sector assisting with the changing needs of an aging and growing population. Nurses provide mobile nursing services to all suburbs of Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria.

Melbourne Community Nurses are usually qualified registered nurses. This provides reassurance of educational standards and professional governance of practicing nurses. This safe guards the community; the nurse who visits your loved one at home is a professional and obligated to provide a high standard of care. Melbourne community nurses are often have experience in aged care Melbourne and enjoy being able to assist patients to remain at home safely and independently.

Home Nursing Services assist patients to remain independent by providing home nursing services Melbourne that support and encourage patient's independence. Nurses provide comprehensive health assessments Melbourne to identify areas of health concern for the patient. Nurses will then create a nursing care plan that will provide strategies to address the health care needs identified during the health assessment Melbourne. Nurses work within the social model of health and provide a holistic approach to health care, working collaboratively with other health care providers as required.

There are many procedures a community nurse Melbourne is able to assist a patient with in their home, this can include such procedures as catheter care Melbourne, wound care Melbourne, health assessment Melbourne. These nursing services Melbourne are often essential to the patient's independence and ability to remain at home.

Most elderly patients develop a relationship of trust with the mobile nurse Melbourne who visits regularly and enjoys the opportunity for a cup of tea and a chat on the days she visits. Patients often schedule their day around the nurse's visit, for the elderly the nurses visit can be an important social interaction. They often discuss what is happening in their local community with the nurse and enjoy the opportunity to share what is happening in their lives. Many Elderly patients live alone and find the community nurse Melbourne a valuable resource to assist them in with their daily healthcare needs.

Home nursing services Melbourne is often requested by family or friends of a person who is finding coping at home difficult. Many elderly people find it difficult to identify when it is time to ask for a little extra help to assist them. Family and friends are often very concerned when they contact the community nurse Melbourne to request assistance. The patient is also very vulnerable and can feel isolated and concerned about their future, at times feeling like the family are interfering or wanting to take away their independence. The community nurse Melbourne is well trained and experience at assisting the patient to consider accepting home nursing services Melbourne and also the family to accept the changing needs of their loved one and provide strategies in how to maintain support without removing independence. Community nurses Melbourne are a valuable resource for those involved in caring for an aged person.

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